Richard R. Brown

Fine Arts Auditorium

Canby, Oregon


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Introducing the cast of

Canby Community Theatre's production of Mary Poppins!

THANK YOU to the depth of talent that came to audition!  Amazing youth and adults with great voices and skills!  We have some roles that are yet to be assigned.  Toys, Park strollers, Cherry Tree lane walkers, statues and more chimney sweeps and etc.  The chorus will fill some of these roles. 

NOTE FOR YOUNG TAP DANCERS:  We will have a tap dance session for any kiddos who have any experience with tap and tap shoes.  Note that on the schedule below

The schedule for the next few days.

The final schedule will be completed on Thursday. 

Monday, June 5: Read through of Act I.  Love to have everyone including youth chorus for the first hour of introductions and welcome, but Youth chorus optional.

Tuesday, June 6: Read through of Act II.  Youth Chorus optional.\

Wednesday, June 7:  Sing through.  This is the one rehearsal for the week that we want to see youth chorus.  Youth

June 8: Production meeting (only) about schedule, etc.

Monday, June 12: 6-7 pm - tap session for all Youth Chorus with any tap experience and tap shoes.
6-7pm - Sing Let's Go Fly a Kite  Bert, Mary, Park Keeper, Jane, Michael

7-9 pm - Everyone (Youth chorus as long as able)
Contact Rachel with questions.

Harvey Brown Admiral Boom
Parrish Danforth Bank Chairman, Chorus
Jason Katz Bert
Sara Hoffman Bird Woman, Chorus
Tatum Pierson Chimney Sweep, Chorus
Carter Christianson Chimney sweep, Youth Chorus
Maddie Brockman Choreographer
Rachel Anderson Chorus
Joetta Ayres Chorus
Angela Baker Chorus
Meilani Benavente Chorus
Caitlin Brown Chorus
Kayla Davis Chorus
Johnny Edelcamp Chorus
Lisa Freeman Chorus
Lisa Hess Chorus
Matthew Lennon Chorus
Casey McGuire Chorus
Bre Miller Chorus
Brenda Scott Chorus
Janelle Van Pelt Chorus
Avalon Fox Core Dancer
Stephanie Hanson Core Dancer
Josiah Keen Core Dancer
Abigail Lockwood Core Dancer
Jonah Schiewe Core Dancer, Valentine
Kaleb Scott Core Dancer
Ashley Croman Core Dancer, Annie
Joesph Cannon Core Dancer, Atlas
Emma Baton crew
Calvin Golden crew
Rachel Kimble crew
Isaac Scott crew
Nick Turrentine crew
Craig Holbrook Director
Samantha Katz Core Dancer, Fannie
Blake Isaac George Banks
Belle Raeburn Jane
Rebecca Riopelle Katie Nanna, Chorus
Matt Miller lighting designer
Katie Roundy Mary Poppins
Oliver Hamilton Michael
Rebecca Bagley Miss Andrew, Chimney Sweep
Katrina Cannon Miss Lark, Chorus
Breanna Cannon Miss Smythe, Chorus
Chelsea Hamilton Mrs. Brill
Katie Shearer Mrs. Corry, Core Dancer
Hannah Feely Musical Director
Cody Clark Core Dancer, Neleus
Karry Scott Northbrook, Chorus
Randy Hamilton Park Keeper, Chorus
Kevin Singletary Core Dancer, Policeman
Sam Deuel Poseidon, Youth Chorus
Don Feely Producer
Debbie Turrentine props
Taylor Davis Queen Victoria, Chorus
Taylor Miller Robertson Ay, Chimney Sweep
Rachel Keen Stage Manager
Zander Laitinen Von Hussler, Chorus
Sarah Kelley Winifred Banks
Adelyne Brown Youth Chorus
Audrina Brown Youth Chorus
Halaina Crispin Youth Chorus
Logan DeShazer Youth Chorus
Luke DeShazer Youth Chorus
Sophie DeShazer Youth Chorus
Allee Ell Youth Chorus
Larissa Ell Youth Chorus
Alaina Fidanzo Youth Chorus
Annabelle Hamilton Youth Chorus
Evan Hamilton Youth Chorus
Emily Hanson Youth Chorus
Jasmine Harbison Youth Chorus
Claire Hepler Youth Chorus
Lee Hepler Youth Chorus
Autumn Hesse Youth Chorus
Lydia Hesse Youth Chorus
Lorien Holbrook Youth Chorus
Marlo Johnson Youth Chorus
Selah Keen Youth Chorus
Kaelyn Kuhn Youth Chorus
Erin Lauthner Youth Chorus
Ainsley Mayes Youth Chorus
Kate Mayfield Youth Chorus
Lucy Mayfield Youth Chorus
Addie Murray Youth Chorus
Hasem Ruiz Youth Chorus
Jenna-Kate Sapp Youth Chorus
Brielle Scott Youth Chorus
Noah Scott Youth Chorus
Ruby Scott Youth Chorus
Rokhaya Soumare Youth Chorus
Clarah Mae Stewart Youth Chorus
Finley Trapp Youth Chorus
Caden Weber Youth Chorus
Addison Wolfe Youth Chorus
Natalie Young Youth Chorus