Baker Prairie Middle School


Show dates:

May 9, 10, 11



Richard R. Brown

Fine Arts Auditorium

Canby, Oregon


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Cast notes:

Thanks to all who auditioned!  


The first rehearsal is Monday, February 25 at BPMS; 2:30 - 4:30 pm. 

The entire cast should attend.

Rehearsal schedules will be passed out at that time.

If, for some reason, you are unable to accept your assigned part, do not see your name, or find your name mispelled,

please notify Hannah immediately.


More parts and solos will be assigned at rehearsals for certain members of the pridelands. If you are cast as a Lioness, additional solos will be assigned at rehearsals. Thank you all for your beautiful auditions, I am confident you will all help make this a show everyone will love! See you soon!


Name Role
Adams, Connor Pridelands/Chase
Alexander, Bryana Pridelands/Hyena
Andrade, Noemi Pridelands/Chase
Baker, Gabe Pridelands/Chase
Barrett, Kassy Lioness
Benjamin, Reece Pumba
Berge, Mia Lioness
Bowlsby, Maren Lioness
Brown, Audrina Nala
Calderon, Alex Pridelands/Hyena
Cherishov, Nika Pridelands/Chase
Chilcoat, Cristina Pridelands/Chase
Clark, Vienna Lioness
Coven-Stevens, Kailee Pridelands/Hyena
Crum, Hanna Lioness
Diaz, Jazmin Lioness
Dicenzo, Isabella Pridelands/Hyena
Driver, Tyson Ed
Eide, Kaeden Mufasa
Gilland, Aneikha Lioness
Goode, Gabby Pridelands/Hyena
Hepler, Claire Lioness
Jedda, Hailey Pridelands/Chase
Kidwell, Madison Lioness
Leder, Macy Pridelands/Hyena
Lowry, Brielle Pridelands/Chase
Mckaugherty, Hailey Pridelands/Chase
McSpaden, Anne Scar
Milano, Sky Lioness
Minko, Diana Pridelands/Hyena
Monigold, KC Pridelands/Hyena
Moore, Arayah Lioness
Nichols, Mycah Pridelands/Chase
Nichols, Shampayne Young Nala
Pawlison, Mkenna Pridelands/Hyena
Peterson, Elizabeth Pridelands/Hyena
Peterson, Ryan Pridelands/Chase
Pittman, Liam Zazu
Rainbolx, Noah Pridelands/Hyena
Reed, Brigham Young Simba
Reid, Jemma Lioness
Rice, Lola Shenzi
Ruiz, Judith Rafiki
Sasek, Hannah Banzai
Schiedler, Macy Lioness
Scroggin, Hanna Lioness
Sibold, Sadies Pridelands/Hyena
Silva, Emma Lioness
Smith, Brooklyn Pridelands/Hyena
Stearns, Sheila Lioness
Sullivan, Jordan Pridelands/Hyena
Tomlinson, Megan Pridelands/Chase
Trapp, Brooklyn Serafina
Trapp, Finley Pridelands/Chase
Vanaken, Nicole Lioness
Vineyard, Jasmin Lioness
Viter, Luke Pridelands/Chase
Voss, Brianna Timon
Wakefield, Treyson Simba
Wanderscheid, Haley Pridelands/Hyena
Ward, Carter Pridelands/Chase